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PET/CT Services Now Available at Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging Center

Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging will offer patients a powerful new diagnostic imaging system known as PET/CT, beginning October 14, 2016.

This hybrid technology combines the strengths of two well-established imaging modalities in one imaging session to more accurately diagnose, locate, and stage cancers while increasing patient comfort. A PET/CT scan is noninvasive and painless.

The mobile coach providing services at Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging combines the fastest and most sophisticated computed tomography (CT) technology with the most advanced Positron Emission Tomography (PET) technology.  The PET portion creates images of high metabolic activity in the body, such as in cancerous cells.  The CT portion allows doctors to see the internal structures within the human body.  Together, the fused images of a PET/CT scan allow physicians to view metabolic activity and precisely locate abnormal lesions so that they may target the disease.

The PET/CT system allows physicians the ability of PET to detect metabolic activity of cancerous cells with the pinpoint accuracy in location of CT in a single test.  This type of hybrid imaging allows providers to more accurately diagnose patients and better plan and monitor their treatments.

Offering PET/CT Scans for detecting and treating cancers is another example of Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging’s commitment to innovation and technology for our patients and for our providers.  “Other examples of this commitment include: digital 2D/3D mammography, digital diagnostic X-ray, Ultrasound,  Bone Density (DEXA) scans, digital imaging network (PACS), and in-house MRI and multi-slice CT.”

PET/CT services will be available at Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging every Friday.  For more information on radiology services available at Pleasanton Diagnostic Imaging, call 925-467-1400.